"For a good while there, life for me was an endless, rickety, and dangerous train wreck just waiting to happen. But no self-medication, no booze or chemical what-have-you, has ever done what a solitary sliver of music could do. Not even close."
— Johnny Depp (x)

"I think I might always be in some kind of love with you."
— F. Cabanes (via unmaiden)

'France Dimanche' interviews Johnny Depp:
  • Interviewer:Have you ever felt the limits of your intellectual abilities?
  • Johnny Depp:Yes. Usually when trying to answer a text from Amber, my fiancée.. [laughs] I have fingers that tangle and when I read the characters, they are hieroglyphics! It's the same thing with the computer. As soon as I touch it, it breaks!
  • Interviewer:Is Amber more talented than you?
  • Johnny Depp:Much more! You should see her with her phone! She's a champion! I still tape my letters on an old typewriter, from the 40s! Otherwise, I write by hand! It does not occur to me the idea, for example, to write a love letter on the keyboard of a computer.